With this chapter, we’ve finally caught up to the Japanese raws! There only untranslated Shinozaki material out there now are a few bonus 4-koma.

The 4-koma that came with the drama CDs will not be translated until the drama CDs themselves are, since it won’t really make sense without it. Last time I checked the Seiyuuri team was still going to work on the drama CD, but I don’t know what their progress on it is like.

As for the 4-koma from each of the volumes, we don’t have the raws! We were only sent the raws for the second volume ones, so if anyone has some of those raws and would like to see these bonus chapters translated, please send it over!

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EDIT: GODDAMN IT! WHY MUST YOU MAKE A LIAR OF ME, HIKAWA. The latest raw chapter just came out, about a week earlier than I thought it would. Damn you!

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And speaking of the collected volumes, volume 6 of the manga has just recently come out! In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a few places you can visit to buy a copy for yourself!

Amazon Japan

If you live in America, and there’s a Kinokuniya location nearby, it’s only about $9.

If not, don’t despair because Honto has some great shipping prices. For four manga-sized books, the shipping cost from Honto to the west coast of the United States is about 980 yen, which is roughly $8.60 USD. The 6th volume from Honto is only 616 Yen, which is only about $5.43 USD!

For fans who have trouble signing up for Honto, please take a look at this link HERE for a step by step guide on how to sign up and set up your shipping.