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Random Idle Thoughts

I was giving some thought to the timeline in Shinozaki. It’s not like in other manga, where things go on for years and years, we’d go through a half dozen Christmas events but the characters never seem to age or graduate. Time is actually progressing linearly in Shinozaki, but just very slowly.

In the very first chapter, we know it was one week after the start of school, which in Japan is in April. The first couple months of school take place over the course of volume 1 and 2. Summer Vacation starts in Volume 3, with Akina going to the pool and ends with Akina helping Konatsu with her homework on the very last day.

The start of Volume 4 is September, as Akina’s back in school for the fall. We also know that Chapter 21 is October 4th, Lord Atobee’s birthday. Volume 5 is mostly about their school culture festival. According to wikipedia-sensei, most schools hold their bunkasai on or around Nov 3rd, Culture Day in Japan.

The birthday 4-koma chapter tells us that Akina and Kaede have their birthdays only one day apart, and it’s on the 28th and 29th. It’s not entirely clear what of which month, since it’s a bit hard to tell when this chapter is supposed to fit in. Most likely, it’s November, but it could’ve been back in October as well.

Volume 6 of course covers December, including the most important of all December events. Winter Comiket! And also some guy birthday too, I guess.

So why does this matter? This gives us a frame of reference to be able to somewhat predict what will happen in the upcoming chapters. For instance, it’s possible that after the Comichest arc is over, we could get a New Years chapter, with the cast in kimonos. It’s almost certain that we’ll get a Valentine’s chapter within the next volume. And since it’s February in Shinozaki world, this means it’s time for the new season of PrePure to start airing. I’d be surprise if we don’t get at least a passing reference to Slime PrePure’s finale and Kaede’s impressions on the new season.

Also: Did you notice that Hikawa-sensei puts a lot of effort and care into drawing clothes. Not just in terms of how well it’s drawn, but in terms of the attention to detail too. Kaede and Micchy are often drawn wearing the clothes they bought with Akina back in chapter 17. In this chapter we can see that the winter coats Akina and friends are wearing are the same ones they had when they went to see the PrePure movie. It’s a really nice touch.