Don’t worry, we’re not dead yet! Here’s a new chapter of Shinozaki!



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Potsticker’s physical copies of Shinozaki manga have arrived! We now know that there’s extra 4-koma in the back, as well as sketches in between the chapters. These are not available online, so if you want to see them you’ll have to get the volumes.

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TL Notes

 Saku Saku Tei – The author of this manga also draws doujinshi under the circle name Saku Saku Tei. If you look carefully you can actually see that name appear on one of the posters in the background while at the convention.

Yuri Boys – On the same page where Akina first sees the doujinshi about how to conquer otaku girls, the doujinshi sitting right next to it on the same table is titled: “How to Conquer Yuri Boys”. It was left untranslated due to the size and shape of the title making it hard to fit English text in the same place as the kanji.

Touhou Ref #1 – The crossdressing cosplayer in the line for the bathroom is dressed as Reimu from Touhou Project. This is the first of many references to Touhou this chapter.

Bag Man – The cosplayer with the paper bag on his head is dressed as a parody of Faust from the Guilty Gear X game series. The outfit is nearly identical, except that Faust wears a tie instead of a bowtie, and uses a giant scaple and not a giant xacto blade. Of the other cosplayers on that same page, one of them has a very bad Gundam costume, but I do not actually know what that bunny thing is supposed to be.

Cube Head – The dragon cube cosplayers are of course a parody of Dragon Ball. Yes, there actually are people who literally cosplay as the dragon balls themselves. It actually took me a while to figure out this reference because I thought they were some kind of dice, and only when I saw actual real cosplay pictures of people dressed as dragon balls did I realize what this was.

Touhou Ref #2,3,4,5 – Touhou Project, in the Shinozaki-verse, is called “Hong Kong Project”, a reference to Team Shanghai Alice, the developers of Touhou. Hibari is cosplaying as a parody of Remilia, while Ayu is a parody of Sakuya. Other characters they’ve named include parodies of Hong Meiling and Alice.

Giant Saw – As previously mentioned in the last TL notes, there are several public art pieces located near the Tokyo Big Sight. One of them is a giant sculpture of a saw, located basically right behind the convention center. It is rather famous local landmark and frequently used as a gathering point.