This took longer than I would’ve liked. Sadly the next chapter will probably take some time too, mainly because there’s lots of things to redraw, lots of references to research and just a whole lot of difficult, otaku specific things to translate. Oh Shinozaki, why do you make me work so hard…



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Comic Orchestra – This one seems pretty obvious, but just in case you didn’t know… this event is a parody of Japan’s largest doujinshi convention Comic Market, aka Comiket. It’s run twice a year, at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibit Center, and is a huge event that has a turnout of over 500,000 people. The event is run over three days, with different artists and exhibitors on different days. Day 1 tends to have the smallest turn out, and most of it is series or artists aimed at a female fan base. Day 3 is the day with the highest turn out, which is usually when the works catering to the hardcore male otaku audience is showcased.

T-Prag – Right on the cover, on the back of the “Comic Orchestra” catalog, there is an advertisement for the second season of a show called “T-Prag”. This is a parody of the actual anime “D-Frag”, which Hikawa seems to be a fan of. The first season of D-Frag just finished airing, but a second season has yet to be announced. Also, it looks as if in the T-Prag version, Not-Roka and Not-Takao’s elements are flipped around.

Ligers – Kaede made a mention of “Ligers”, referring to the logo on Micchy’s hat. This is likely a parody of the Hanshin Tigers, a Japanese baseball team.

big sawThe Saw – There are several public art pieces located near the Tokyo Big Sight. One of them is a giant sculpture of a saw, located basically right behind the convention center. It is rather famous local landmark and frequently used as a gathering point.

Chikuwa  is a Japanese tube-like food product made from ingredients such as fish, salt, starch, sugar, and egg whites. After mixing them well, they are wrapped around a bamboo or metal stick and steamed or broiled. The word chikuwa, (lit. “bamboo ring”) comes from the shape when it is sliced. There is a hole in the middle of chikuwa, and I assume it’s the shape that ignites the yaoi fantasies of fujoshi girls. 

announcementNanoda Sold Out! – Nanoda is a parody of the series “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha”. The phrase なのは完売」(lit. “Nanoha Sold Out”) is a meme in Japan originating from 2chan. 2chan users frequently post updates about which in-demand products are sold out at Comiket. They would say “Nanoha Sold Out” due to the fact that the meme first came about at a prior Comiket during the height of Nanoha’s popularity, and it was the lack of stock for a hotly demanded Nanoha product that sparked its usage. 

Akaboshi – As I mentioned in the previous chapter, this is a parody of an actual doujinshi artist, Kuroboshi Kouhaku. “Cranda Level 7” is a parody of Kuroboshi’s actual doujinshi group, “Granada Level 9”. ANAA LEVEL

Hong Kong – There’s no logical reason to go from Comiket straight to Hong Kong. This was confusing for a while, until the next chapter makes a reference to something called “Shanghai Project” and it all made sense. It’s a parody of the doujin developer Team Shanghai Alice, the developer of the highly popular Touhou Project games and related merchandise. Hikawa Shou is a fan of Touhou, and has drawn many Touhou doujinshi under the name “Saku Saku Tei”. Many of these have been translated and can be found here