The PreCure blogging will be delayed for a while. My partner in crime Potsticker has been trapped inside a mirror. But most of you are just here for the scanlations anyway, and I’ve got a new chapter for you!


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Short and Sweet TL Notes

There isnt a lot of things to talk about this chapter. It’s very light on the references and it mainly focused on Akina being a spaz. There are a few small things of interest though.

rankThe list of top ranked students here is mostly people we’ve never heard of. I can’t find Kaede or Micchy’s names on this list at all. But there is one name other than Akina’s that we’ve seen before. Hanayama Rabumi from the soccer chapter is on the list, as Rank #6! You can also see the back of her head just off to the side in that panel. So it seems that she is also smart and strong. It’s just too bad she looks like a Prepure monster.

Kaede talked to Moe about “Red and White”, which were the colours of the original Prepure team, mentioned way back in the very first chapter. The original PreCure, on the other hand, were Black and White, rather than Red. I still don’t know why the author went with Red instead of Black.

kotoukoLastly, does anyone else notice that Konatsu can’t seem to keep her hands off of Touko? Like, literally in half the scenes they appear in, they’re always touching each other in some way.  I’m not implying anything… just pointing it out. That’s a lot of “skinship”.